Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who Doesn't (Still) Love Audrey?

Audrey in 1962  from The Fashion Style of Audrey blog

She's always, there, in the background of my life. If I try hard I can hear her voice, that cultured inflection of many cultures. I can see her movies in my mind and remember those public events in her life, not the least of which was notice of her death in 1993.

Today's New York Times has an article about Connie Wald. At age 95, with a lifetime of amazing events under her very stylish belt, she has surely become a Woman We Love— more on her another time. What brought Audrey to mind today was that Connie Wald was her BFF, and Googling the two of them produced this amazing blog called The Fashion Style of Audrey:

I'm still not sure who did it. English may or may not be his or her first language. References to Audrey can be uber-respectful, referring to her as  "Mrs. Audrey Hepburn". Someone has taken the time to post many, many photographs of her looking fabulous both on the red carpet and on the grass at home. This is probably the 2012 techno equivalent of my sketching every costume change in "Sabrina" while watching a VHS tape. I thank the poster. A day with Audrey is a day with sunshine no matter the weather.

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  1. Just found always you are so right..she certainly is a favorite of mine as well. The other day I found a photo of Audrey and Givenchy walking near the if they were normal people on a stroll. Unfortunately I did not know how to get it to you. DRAT!