Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Spy... a Trend or Two

This summer's trends are rising to the top like freshly churned cream. Who gets to decide what we must wear anyways??? Nevertheless, as I see them and in no particular order of deliciousness:

The High-Low
A little whimsical, a little cockeyed— this trend has no blueprint. If it looks good— and you feel comfortable— wear it.

Photo Print
Wear then hang on the wall.

Color Blocking
As easy as one-two-three

Not only for nail polish; I just like this photo.

Nautical (now and forever)
Classy and classic— this summer's nautical is a little more relaxed.

Long Sundress
Still a favorite as the secret is out— dresses are cooler than pants.

Patterned Pants
Maybe not cool, but they sure are cool.

Espadrilles have gone beyond basic to embrace pattern, trim, ballet and driving moc shapes.

Retro Swim
I really did have a bathing suit that like this when I was ten. That is not me.

Blue Work Shirt
The chambray shirt is everywhere— paired with pants, shorts or skirt, as a jacket, over a sundress. All shades from dark denim to faded near-white. The fit is easy and should look like you've had it for-evah.

Clunky Sandals
There's a fine line between chunky and clunky of course, and one can lead to a sprained ankle.

Narrow Belt
Further proof that one should never throw out a belt. Narrow is back; neon makes it newer.

Bold Necklace
And it's neon!

Friendship Bracelets
Bet you can't wear just one. Note neon nails and clutch.

Straw Tote
The bigger the better it would seem

Hold onto this trend, or you might lose your keys.

While the idea is not to sport neon nails with friendship bracelets with a photo print long sundress while carrying a wicker tote, while sporting a bold necklace and wearing crazy sandals... it can be done. Summer is time to get a little crazy— or does Houston heat just make that easier? 

And speaking of cream floating to the top, when was the last time you had a Root Beer Float? Or a Coke Float? Or a Dr. Pepper Float? Or whatever floats your boat? Says Summer to me.


  1. love this post!!! :)

  2. This is so sweet post! I like the photo with classic nautical style, it looks so fresh for the sea trip or spending time on the sea shore. I enjoy this style of designer sunglasses, it looks very relevant to the image!