Sunday, June 24, 2012


Emma looking fine and dandy

July is a pretty thin month for fashion. Skinny in that the magazines are barely fat enough to bind. Advertisers are saving their ad dollars to spend on the feast that is the August and particularly September issues. So it was a surprise to find Something of Real Interest in the July Vogue that hit my mailbox yesterday. The cover is a very pretty shot of Emma Stone, she of the quirky red hair and literary mission in "The Help" as well as a host of movies in the recent past and near future.

The inside story is a lengthy piece on Miss Emma, which I have to confess I haven't read yet. What stopped me cold (or rather has me heating up) are the gorgeous looks that I have annointed Bohemian Menswear. The Vogue copywriters called the feature "Comic Relief". I don't know whether they are referring to the actress' comic talents or to the bit of fun she is wearing. In any case these outfits, styled by the usually conservative Tonne Goodman are delightful. Let the pix speak for themselves:

Could this be the answer to my love of Lauren et al and my ongoing failure to style it to suit Me? I am so excited by this gender bending mix of dandy details I may just play dress up despite the heat that is a Houston summer.

Not too long ago the New York Times ran a piece on the Return of the Dandy. This must have been great news to Patrick McDonald who never left.

Patrick McDonald shows his colors
Do you think the editors of Vogue read The New York Times?

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