Monday, July 23, 2012

Take Your Marc!

Get ready... get set... Marc Jacobs has done it again. We all laughed (or cringed) at Grunge in 1992, but guess what? We are still wearing versions of it many seasons later.
Grunge on the grange 1992

Now we have Marc Jacobs in a happy happy, joy joy state of mind. Has he gone off in pursuit of his tribal roots in Japanese anime, or has he just had some colorful dreams lately? Well, it sure is fun.

Happy days are here again
Supposedly his inspiration was Cindy Sherman's clown photographs. But to me the look is as much as if Busby Berkely musicals were suddenly in color or if Henry Darger's work was not quite as disturbing. Surely Marc must have seen some of Duro Olowu's interpretations of African style with their lovely pairings of pattern and cut.

Just when you thought you had mastered color-blocking, here comes a Master Mixmaster to mix things up again. Sign me on!
Clown by Cindy Sherman
Is Marc clowning around?
Henry Darger's little darlings
Duro Olowu wows as well


  1. fun article here. when I see these fabrics I am reminded of the Diane Freis dresses with amazing fabric print and color work from the 80's...

  2. Thanks for your comments. You have a lovely blog as well. I look forward to exploring it.