Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tickled Oxblood

Here come the models bearing oxblood

Oxblood is on the menu this fall. This is the first time I can remember the color oxblood getting a big play. I guess burgundy is so last year's wine. Oxblood must have a great press agent, because who would want to sport a color that name? Defined as "a dark brownish-red color" with origins in the late 1600s, it no doubt spurted forth from the blood of oxen. Yikes.

No oxen were harmed in the manufacture of this product

I've always hated the color because it reminded me of stiff-as-a-board back-to-school shoes or chairs in stuffy office waiting rooms.
School shoes never looked this good
There must be a National Geographic nearby
Not quite brown and not quite red, oxblood actually looks good with all neutrals (grey, navy, brown, black) and is almost universally flattering.
The kiss of...?
I just cannot get the image out of my mind of a poor ox being stuck with a spear and bleeding all over. Could we not call it "mulberry"instead?


  1. I think I might need a purse in oxblood! The name is probably hot because it sounds someday and dangerous. Mulberry sounds too pretty these days.