Monday, September 3, 2012

"See You in September"

Such a great picture but probably can't use it after today

"Have a good time but remember
   There is danger in the summer moon above.
Will I see you in September
Or lose you to a summer love?"
 "See You in September" by Sherman Edwards and Sid Wayne

It's not easy to pin down the start of summer but oh-so-easy to say goodbye: Labor Day. That's it. Done. Finished. No matter the weather (hothothot here) or your place in life (definitely not going back to school tomorrow) Labor Day is not only The End but also The Beginning. It just feels different, and pursuits like playing board games on the screened porch or eating drippy ice cream cones on a park bench feel somehow frivolous rather than purposeful after today. 

The start of summer (maybe because it has such a slow one) seemed like one had all the time in the world. Now the fall beckons, rapidly leading to High Holy Days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Channukah, Christmas and New Year's Eve (I celebrate 'em all). Every one calls for something special to wear. The easiest is Thanksgiving: an apron.

Everything goes with turkey...

This year it's not a question so much of switching closets. Currently my fall/winter closet is a stack of oversized Tupperware cubes hiding behind a screen in the bedroom. I feel a change in fashion attitude, like switching style horses. It seems to happen every five years or so. This year I will not hang back and wait for that perfect black cashmere pullover to go on sale. I will "make do" with less, as long as that less is of really, really good quality. I will experiment a little more, perhaps, but I'll also wear what I love with aplomb. I won't force myself into anything for the sake of style. I really seriously don't like jeans; people are surprised that I even own any. I'm going to dye my hair red till Clairol goes out of business (then buy up all of Nice and Easy #110 online). 

I'll have what she's wearing

And while we're on the subject, here's a fashionable dessert that requires very little labor. Affogato is not short for "I forgot the avocado" but means "drowned in coffee" in Italian. Easy, easy, easy, I've convinced myself it's low in calories (depending on the size of your scoop and the doo-dads you add).

3 ounces hot espresso 
(use 1 rounded teaspoon Medaglia D'Oro Instant Espresso to 3 ounces water)
1 scoop vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream 
(preferably gelato as it's creamier and melts in a swirly way— go ahead and splurge)

Place scoop of ice cream in cocktail glass. 
(martini or rocks or sour) 
Pour some of the espresso over it. 
(add more as you eat)

You can dust the top with cinnamon or add a dollop of whipped cream or sprinkle with chocolate curls or serve with amaretti or biscotti. You are sure to remark as you slurp the last little bit, "Ahhhh...fogatto".

Pass the Affogato please


  1. Yum! I'll have to make that affogato one day.

  2. I'll bet one of your cookies would be delicious with it!

  3. Thanks for your message - we should try and meet for an affogato when you're in London! I'm just going away this afternoon for a conference & won't be back till late Friday night but drop me an email & maybe we can meet up?

    Best, Alyson