Tuesday, November 27, 2012

EOF: Holiday Style

EOF = Equal Opportunity Fashion
Class, recap if you please. EOF is fashion that will flatter women of all ages and body types. In these here parts dark (preferably skinny) denim and something fancy on top qualifies. Gold cowboy boots optional but definitely EOF.

What else befits the distinction of being Holiday EOF? 
> Black lace
> Metallics
> Sheer
> Long skirt
> Hair thing
You may need to tweak a bit to create the proper mix of holiday pizazz and good taste.

Black lace— If there is such a thing as being too young for a fashionable look, black lace would be it. Black lace is better— more sophisticated, more knowing— the more woman you are. Ingenues don't wear black lace. Black lace can be:
The top...
...the bottom...
...the whole nine yards
Metallics— It has certainly been a great year for glitz. This would run the gamut from sequins to metallic threads woven into fabric or knit to full-on lurex (which does sound a bit lurid). The trick is to pare it down. If you go the sequin skirt route, a plain top (tank, tee or turtle) is your best bet. Likewise a metallic jacket calls for a simple partner. You can pare glitz with black velvet if the velvet's lines are simple, but the combo is top tier dressing, definitely not dressy-casual.
Maybe add black tights?
Sheer— Sheer is where you go when you don't want to go bare. A sheer sleeve will answer that "I don't want to show my arms" conundrum. A sheer bodice requires— no question— a camisole under-piece.
Sheerly yours
Long skirt— Go ahead and try it. If you've hesitated to wear a long skirt during the day (too impractical! too littlehouseontheprairie!) see how elegant you feel gliding through the night in one. And yes, Thumbelina, you can wear long even if you're short. Just don't do ball gown volume. 
She's a real princess too
(Letizia of Spain)
Hair thing— We've been fascinated with the fascinator since Kate and William's nuptials. This British bit of style fluff has been known here as a "cocktail hat". It's easy to pop on, even if you sport short hair and is one step dressier (plus leaps and bounds more sophisticated) than a headband.  
It was fascination...

Holiday dressing can be fun. This is indeed the time to indulge in a bit of Cinderella-at-the-ball fantasy or go for your favorite vintage look. I know a lady (pretty well as we share the same closet) who pulls out the same palazzo pants and jeweled back cardigan every year for New Year's Eve. And sometimes it's even in style!


  1. I love getting dressed up for the holiday season - and like your friend, I do pull out my go-to items every year and hope I look like I'm stylish if not "in fashion"!

    I'm inspired to bust out my gold brocade skirt for an art gallery event this Friday!

  2. I love dressing up for the holidays. But as a girl who often dresses up, I really love seeing friends and family get gussied up. Now, bring on the champagne. xo

  3. I think you have listed all of my favorites here--now I just need to score an event the merits this level of fashion excellence!