Monday, September 30, 2013

Lifetime Alert!

Angela, the first "auf"

The Lifetime network knows it has a good thing in "Project Runway" and is planning to unleash some "filler" between the end of this season and the beginning of the next. This Project has no projected end.

As an aside, the current crop of point of view-less designers has me underwhelmed. They all claim to want to show the judges "who they are", but as weeks go by they only seem to know who they aren't. "I don't design for the modern Southern woman," one said. That whole challenge was such a trumped-up payback for some store named Belk. I live in the south and have never seen one.

What's coming? "House of Versace" stars Gina Gershon in full pout and platinum blond wig as Donatella Versace. This made-for-tv movie chronicles "Donatella's inspiring triumph over tragedy by carrying on her brother's legacy." Raquel Welch is listed in the cast, and it looks, by the previews, that they may have resurrected Gianni Versace to play himself. Premieres Saturday, October 5 at 8PM Eastern.

Gina Gershon and Donatella
Gianni and Enrico Colantoni

Next up is "Million Dollar Shoppers" where we will "enter the never-before-seen and elite world of personal shopping, where there are no limits to what one will do to find the perfect wardrobe for their rich, famous, powerful and often high-maintenance clients." The preview is loaded with bitchy remarks and full melt-downs. I'm not sure if the client or shopper was doing the bitching and melting. As a personal shopper at Nordstrom for two years, the "demanding" clients were the most interesting. There were never tantrums on anyone's part. Friendships were formed that were totally unexpected. I am going to hate this; I will also watch without blinking. Premieres October 10 at 10:30 PM (after Project Runway)

Personal Shoppers Gregg and Tayler
or is it Taylor and Gregg?

To paraphrase Betty Davis in "All About Eve"— hold onto your remote; it's going to be a bumpy ride.


  1. Belk (or Belk's as everyone still calls it) is headquartered in Charlotte, NC. At one time there was a Belk's in every town and city in the Carolinas. The stores are sort of like Macy's - nice, mid class, safe merchandise.

  2. Thanks, Lizzie. I thought they might be like a Macy's. But Belk is not a household name in Texas!