Friday, October 11, 2013

When Do I End This Nonsense?

I've been coloring my hair red for 36 years. Why did I not buy stock in Clairol in 1977? I no longer remember what color it used to be. I know only that now those roots are speckled with gray. And speckled not in a good way.

But how can I ever stop? Every single item of clothing I own is meant for a redhead. The "growing out" process alone seems like a nightmare. And what if I don't like what I see when it's done?

My husband likes the red hair. I think it makes him feel young. Coincidentally he had a red-haired girlfriend when he was teenager.

I don't feel old, but I sometimes see women whose faces are too mature for the color of their hair. It just doesn't work. My mother and sister went blonde for a while before they morphed into gray. The transition would seem to be easier that way, but I'm not the blonde type.

I don't need to hear how empowering proudly sporting gray hair can be. I already know women who are gray. They were beautiful before; they are beautiful still— maybe even more so. I just don't know if I will be one of them.

I faced a crossroads the other day when running perilously low on BW2 Dedusted Extra Strength Powder Lightener and 40 Volume Creme Developer (for the streaks). As I scraped the last bits out of the respective pouch and bottle, I made a note to head off to Sally Beauty Supply toot sweet.


  1. As a 60 yr old bottle redhead - you are singing my song. I tried going blonder so my roots wouldn't show as much and I felt blah, blah, blah. Grey as a clothing color doesn't look good on me - I need clear, brighter colors. If grey clothes don't look good why would grey hair look good? I'm going to keep coloring until ? Let's hope I can keep my skin going a little while longer...

  2. Let's think of ourselves as somewhere between Vivienne Westwood and Queen Elizabeth I, but not Edith Piaf.

  3. Hilarious! I will be doing something similiar when I get enough gray in my hair. It's blending in right now because I'm blonde, but one day very very soon it will take over.

    1. Hopefully you will be one of those beautiful morphed-from-blonde-to-greys. At least you will be able to know...!