Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stretch and Tell

They followed me home

Whoa! How often have I cried, "no elastic pants— ever!" to myself and to you, dear readers. Over and over. Too numerous to count. Well, file this under another cliche, "Never say never".

The other day I came home with— not just one— but two pairs of elastic waist pants from a well known bastion of global chic. Yes they had its style stamp of approval, but that's not the only reason. Those darn pants are COMFORTABLE. One pair is a rich acid yellow; the other is black. They have a silky feel but are in fact an amazing polyester that would fool even a silk worm.

Here's the ticket: At this point I'm very careful as the front is not as flat as it once was. I don't tuck anything but instead choose to wear slightly longer tops or slim tunics. For all the world would know I could be sporting an elastic waistband. I have prided myself that I am NOT, but only I know it.

These pants, sometimes called Joggers or Track Pants have shown up on some very trendy types. They have the potential to be a DISASTER, as you can imagine, but do look kind of cool as seen here:

Celebs sportin' these sportin' pants

The differences between these pants and "I've given in" are the gathered cuffs and the super-chic styling. You should let the pants do the talking and keep the top simple. No sneakers ever! I would have passed them by entirely if I hadn't seen my friend Jeanne wearing a pair with a tailored blazer, crisp white shirt and large fringed scarf artfully draped at the neck. She sent me this pix of her in the pants looking cool and casual with a pullover and booties.

She's, like, adorable

Sometimes you have to see a look on someone whose taste you admire before you can begin to see its possibilities for yourself. Not being a blazer-kind-of-gal, I'll probably pair mine with a shell and a kimono style soft jacket or a simple boxy-shaped top.

Lesson learned yet again: Never say never because never is forever, and forever is a very long time.

Less track, more harem

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  1. I'm wearing a lot of things I never thought I would ... cropped pants, ankle straps, voluminous, sheer shirts, and now, this silhouette with an elastic waist! I'm liking the silky ones in modern, painterly prints ... but I still don't feel like I have a handle on how to wear them. I don't see them here, and that always lends some clues. Will look forward to seeing yours. Yes?