Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Never Say Never Yet Again

Something else to add to my file of "Never Say Never": (gee that file is getting thick...)


Yikes! The footwear of my enemy is now my footwear. For years I considered Tevas and their web-strapped, foam-soled cousins to be the arch enemy of stylish shoes. As worn first by hippies and then aging hippies. As purchased at Whole Earth Provisions or Outdoor World. Unless to buy mosquito netting I'm not going there.

Trippin' with Tevas...

Nowadays the rubber flip flop is my most comfortable shoe. The years (and three surgeries on the right foot) have taken their toll. Even if it was merely walking many happy miles on them, feet do tell you how old you are. Rubber flip flops, however, are not the safest things to navigate the planet. And, despite being gussied up with bells and whistles, do not a fashion statement make off the beach.

What to do? What to do? I've reported on the emergence of the "chineaker", the chic sneaker. I also told you my ears are deaf to the siren's call. But how to take the news that Tevas are Summer 2014's footwear of choice?

By trying on a pair, of course.

The Teva look as interpreted by Prada;
compression sleeves will stay home

Hello, new love of my life. Can I dare— dare I?— compromise my principles and adopt you? You betcha. Tevas, you are mine.

Come rain, come shine, come streets in Pompeii or sidewalks in New York City, this summer the word is "march"!


  1. I have resisted the urge. The urge is great. Pictures please? Or if you can spare the time - a link to what you ended up buying?

  2. My Tevas look like the picture at the top (alas not my dress or my legs), and they are the Torin Sport:

    My friend found a similar pair in bright orange with black soles. Now I have Teva envy!