Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fly Me to These Sandals

Won't someone please rip these off and make them cheaper? How can I possibly shell out $125 for plastic jelly sandals (though jellies are incredibly comfortable) just because someone cleverly added wings? I mean, how adorable are they?

Here's the leather version at $230. Somehow not as adorable.

A year plus later I finally bit the bullet and bought these sandals. They were 80 euros on the Ancient Greek Sandals website with free shipping! 10 days later DSL dropped a package on my doorstep— from Greece. Still too much for 35 cents worth of plastic, but they are most definitely superior plastic. A little squooshy to make them comfortable, well constructed and just luscious. I bought the blue as seen above— surely must be the color of the Aegean Sea! Order yours true to size (I'm a US 8 and got the 39).

1 comment:

  1. I love them too, but way over-priced... As for regular jelly sandals, I have yet to find a pair that don't rub and give me blisters.. Such a pity as we are in summer at the moment, (Melbourne, Australia,) and would love to trot around in a pair.