Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do I Have the Nerve?

SJP's closet of envy

One of these days, Alice... I am going to throw out every single thing in my closet that I don't lovelovelove. Gosh, it feels good just to write that. Whywhywhy do I keep hanging onto things that I never wear? I know why, of course: guilt.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick recently sold their Greenwich Village townhouse in New York City. Voyeur that I am, I flipped through the photos, drooling a bit, till I got to her closet. Oh, poor girl, I thought. She has so few clothes. Look at the space between the hangers! And then I realized every single thing hanging there was beautiful, and I bet she had no trouble seeing what to wear.

Betty Halbreich says, "If you aren't enjoying your clothes then you really are missing the point." I'm sure she means being happy when you open the closet door as well as the enjoyment of knowing you are dressed well. I'd be seriously afraid to have Betty over for a closet inventory. Methinks she would bark, "Get rid of it!", "You never wear those!", "Who are you kidding with that?", and I would comply. But Betty is not here. It's up to me.

Her hands
are tied

I do take some of my own advice, of course. If I never wear it but can't bear to let go, I will put it in a storage box. But I can't seem to divest myself of the contents of the box. I am, however, finally giving up a nice black leather bag that I haven't carried in 12 years. It had many adventures, including photographing Hillary Clinton at the White House. May it live long and prosper— in someone else's hands.

Au revoir, cherie


  1. I can relate to this quandary. It was a sobering moment when, packing for a cruise recently, I realized that I have over a hundred t-shirts! This can't be normal?
    But I really want that black bag!

  2. that closet is bigger than my first apartment. not a realistic closet-where are the red carpet dresses, her skirts and trousers, her coats and sweaters, her winter clothes, her fall clothes, her tee shirts and on and on and on- that closet is the same as seeing a size 10 girl saying she's a PLUS SIZE- i say- in your dreams...

  3. Did you notice SJP has matching coathangers? And who has the time to space out their hangers so regularly like that? If you ask me someone dressed that walk in closet for the photoshoot..