Thursday, June 25, 2015

Does Omar the Tentmaker Sew for Thee?

I've so reached the point where I look better covered up. It just happens, and if you're there yourself, you know what I mean. The way I see it, we have two choices as we age. And by age, I mean 70+. You fifty-year-olds are not old, no matter what you may think.

We can either become one of those wiry, stringy old ladies who are thin but painful to look at or we can become one of those lumpy, soft and saggy ladies who at least look nice to hug. Of course, we don't have a choice.

Your genetic makeup will pretty much determine which direction you take. And for that, look to your mother. My mother was a little birdlike woman who nonetheless complained she was "fat". Her fat centered on her tummy, which was far from flat. And now I know why she felt that way.

As you age you realize health is the most important A #1 thing, and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you are a normal, healthy weight, and your doctor has not told you to lose or gain, don't start disrupting things. I lost a few pounds this spring as I can't seem to eat when I'm troubled or upset. I enjoy food, and it was no fun not to have an appetite, even if my pants fit looser. I kept thinking I really, really would rather be fatter and happier. In a week I was back to my old self again, in all ways including I kept thinking I should lose a few pounds.

Too much time on my hands? Hardly. I forget about these things as I go about my day. I make choices what to eat and how to exercise. I can rationalize the former with more of the latter. I remind myself we only live once, and you can take just a taste. We all have these brief intimate moments with ourselves when we take stock then move along. I just happened to write mine down.


  1. There are more than two choices, Michelle, it's possible to be both stringy AND lumpy - I'm a 70+ woman who proves the point! I do agree with you that health is the most important consideration and think that it should be every woman's priority no matter what age she is. I'm sad when I hear of young women who spend time worrying about wrinkles and so forth and consider it necessary to resort to a whole variety of cosmetic treatments. Health and happiness e are the things to aim for.
    Miss Cellany.

  2. Thank you! We are both on the same wavelength, and if it takes slathering vaseline on all the mirrors to stay there, so be it.