Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hiding in Plain Sight

The time: 1988
The setting: United States presidental election campaign
Spotlight on: Kitty Dukakis

Our presidential elections are not kind to the participants, including their nearest and dearest. If there is dirt to be dug, it will be. Kitty Dukakis was the subject of several unflattering stories during Michael Dukakis' unsuccessful campaign.

One of the stories she herself told endeared me to her, although I don't remember getting too excited about her husband. Kitty Dukakis admitted she loved to shop (as do many of us). Sometimes she felt a bit guilty and would leave her packages in the trunk of the car until Michael was asleep. 

Michael and Kitty back when...

I remember thinking "what a great idea" and then feeling guilty I was trying to pull a fast one on my unsuspecting husband. I only did it once.

This guilt seems to be a strictly female thing. The results of a very informal straw poll show many of us have ways to camouflage our buying guilt. This includes:

> Condensing bags into other bags to make fewer in number

> Wearing the new item so as to eliminate even the hint of a bag

> Purchasing item using credit/debit card husband doesn't see

> Returning item for store credit then using merchandise credit for new item

> Actually bragging about how much we saved as new purchase was on sale (as if we would have ever spent $428 for that blouse)

> And, yes, keeping item in trunk of car until it can make it into the house under cover of darkness

I am not defending this behavior and won't even attempt to justify it.

My husband has never chastised me for over-shopping. The only additions he notices are "new things to dust" as he does most if the dusting these days. He's never taken me to task for buying too many clothes, although I'll occasionally remind him how lucky he is that I don't covet diamonds, designer shoes or expensive handbags.

Confession is indeed good for the soul.

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