Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's a Granny to Do?

Can a granny dress "granny-style"? I mean, if you are actually granny-age can you wear this look and still be ironic as opposed to Iron Lady?

Meryl and Margaret

What is it? Granny-style emulates the classic staples of any well-dressed granny's wardrobe, but today's young women have grandmothers who could be my age, and I don't dress like that. Granny-style is really what my mother and grandmother wore: fur coats, structured handbags, pleated skirts, brooches, ladylike but sensible shoes.

Gwyneth as Margo

There's a bit of granny-style in Gwenyth Paltrow's character from the  Royal Tenenebaums.  The new movie Carol, set in 1952, oozes Granny-style. A pair of gloves left on a counter sets the story in motion. Granny-style is ladylike, everyday formal— clothes you don't think about once they have been perfectly put together.

Cate as Carol

I'm all for the return of dresses and skirts. A young woman at the Lovely Boutique Where I Work told me she doesn't wear trousers or jeans anymore. I didn't question her reasons; she seemed pretty happy with the decision. As a WOACA I may have a problem with the look of my bare legs, but I still like feeling femme in a skirt or dress.

It's the other stuff— the pearls and polka dots of my mother's granny-hood, the full coverage cardis and pastels of my grandmother's. Wouldn't it be far better to choose what you like (this fun granny cardigan perhaps) without naming it a style?

"A rose is a rose is a rose". Gertrude Stein— now that's a granny to emulate!

Gertrude in Granny/Boho/Menswear

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