Friday, June 30, 2017

Summmmmmmertime Style

Despite the heat here in Houston, I love Summertime. To me it's delicious, the more "ummmms" the better. Summer will also bring out the gypsy in you. And don't forget, this year recognizes the "Summer of Love", 50 years since the Montery Pop Festival and its quintessential Boho style.

Jackie with Lee on Capri

Icons have a way of making even popular styles their own, as did Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the summer of 1971. Her style, worn while visiting Capri, is classic Boho and would look perfect today— black scoop neck t, mid-length peasant skirt (with slit and ruffle), wide belt, strappy sandals, oversized shades. In fact Jackie looks more "today" than Lee does in her buttoned-up mod-Couregges outfit. I remember thinking how happy Jackie looked in these pictures, the first I did not think of her as "the grieving widow". At the same time, photos with new husband Aristotle Onassis somehow did not seem right.

But the style is still there, this time with chandelier earrings and fringe. The more things change, the more they stay the same. So true, so true.

Even Jackie's decidedly non-Boho outfit is not just timeless but 100% fresh and modern. I've been trying to pull this one off for years, but she's still the master.

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