Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Boho Ho-Hum

Though it's only the first week of August, in the alternate world of retail it's beginning to look a lot like... Fall. This should come as no surprise to anyone trying to find a bathing suit (which are relegated to the nether reaches of the clearance racks). It's traditional to haul out the autumn offerings before one could ever need a pullover sweater or wool pants.

Retailers do not reveal everything. These are teasers to whet your appetite or coax you into buying something irresistible for fear it might be gone later. What I've seen en masse at the mass marketers (in this case Target) looks like Boho overload— racks and racks of ditsy prints, dark florals, lace, trim of every description, puffed sleeves and way too many kimonos. Stevie Knicks in a fun-house mirror.

Now I like a little luxe louche as much as anyone. A bit of droopy chiffon swathed in furs gets my Biba-addled heart all a-flutter. But Boho en masse in cheap synthetic fabrics just makes me go Boho, oh no.

Surely not there again! Haven't we revisited that look too many times already? Does this mean I have to put away my kimonos in order to stand out? Is there nothing truly new?

Think I'm going to let the dust settle before I settle on this.

When Biba was the real deal...


  1. There really is nothing truly new. I've completely given up on trying to follow fashion dictates. My rule of thumb is to buy the stuff I like when it comes into fashion (or go find its last iteration in the thrift store!), and then just hang onto it and wear it when I feel like it! I think it comes down to "fashion" vs "style", really.

    For the boho look, I'll be looking for rich velvets, brocades and fringey things. I have 3 dusters/kimonos and that's plenty!

    1. Style and fashion are not the same thing. I think we'd all like to be stylish over fashionable if the two don't correspond. Do I feel another blog coming on... And I would definitely say be the best Boho you can be!