Monday, October 30, 2017

The Naughty, the Nice and the Nasty


Christmas decor is now in the stores before Halloween. That's the only excuse for the plethora of questionable holiday attire I spotted today at Target.


Target is not exactly a bastion of good taste, though it seems to me they used to try a little harder. Target is fast fashion for the masses and used to have a point of view. That was "You don't have to spend a lot to be stylish" and in parentheses ("as long as you don't care it's going to feel kind of tacky and fall apart in the wash"). Several of Target's collaborations with legitimate designers were very successful. I particularly liked those with Isaaac Mizrahi, Missoni and Victoria Beckham.


What I saw today was as frightening as watching "Friday the 13th" alone on a rainy night. Everything looked like a Halloween costume. These were not just Ugly Christmas Sweaters, though there were plenty of them. I fail to see the irony in Santa dresses and poinsettia prints, candy canes shaped like hearts and— so help me— a print of ugly Christmas sweaters.


Don't think Channukah gets a pass either. There were menorah prints and Ugly Channukah Sweaters too.


Forgive me, Tiny Tim, but, "God help us, every one."



  1. Late to be catching up on reading blogs, but you have me rolling with laughter here. So, so, so true. Mary

    1. Thanks for catching up. I think there may be a few sweaters left...