Monday, November 20, 2017

"I Have to Go to the Gym!"

How we feel has a lot to do with how we feel about how we look.

That's not quite as convoluted as it might seem. When you are feeling strong and healthy you look better, and when you look better you feel a whole lot better about this getting older thing. I can do it, you think, and you are grateful for the opportunity.

How I feel has a lot to do with how much exercise I get. I never thought once of going to the gym while sightseeing in Rome. Back home is another story. Unless you live in New York City or a few other large metropoles, we are a car-centric society. Walking is a deliberate act, not part of a daily routine.

So I belong to a gym. It's a very nice gym, within walking distance of my house (should I wish to walk). There are flowers and magazines and plenty of tvs. The equipment is always in good condition. The staff are friendly. I'm greeted warmly. It's not cheap.

But I need to force/psyche myself to go. I've tried going early before I do anything else and end up still in my bathrobe at noon. I've tried going at the end of the day and decide I'm too tired (from driving around?). I will use a visit to the Marshall's downstairs as a lure. Whatever I do to psyche myself becomes a little game.

Until I read, somewhere, that we shouldn't think at this point in our lives that we HAVE to go to the gym. We should be thinking, I'm glad I CAN go to the gym.

Makes sense to me, and it's made a difference. This will be short because I'm going to the gym. 


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    1. Thank you! I will also have to re-read this EVERY DAY.

  2. So sad that my gym doesn't have the piece of equipment pictured; it looks fun, but hazardous. And is the blond woman holding a lacrosse stick?


  3. As the resident of an active adult community, I have access to a gym with great equipment at no cost beyond my home owners' dues. But I rarely use it. Instead I take exercise classes ... mostly yoga and pilates but also a strength class. It is interesting that when I do go to the gym I see men using the strength building equipment but the strength exercise class is all women. You might be surprised at how much easier it is to go when you have a definite time.

    My strength teacher does classes for LA Fitness also although they are much harder than what she does for us. Still you may be able to get a free membership through Silver Sneakers and work at your own level. I have a SS membership for when my regular teachers are not available.

    LA Fitness also has yoga classes that are included with your membership. You will probably have to try out different instructors to find the right fit. The only disadvantage I noticed is that the classes there are very large and not intimate and friendly like my regular yoga class. You might consider a monthly membership at a yoga studio instead.

    Yoga changed my life. When I started at age 65, I had knee and hip pain. Within six months the pain was gone. I even measure a little taller due to better posture. I go to class half an hour early to pre-stretch and enjoy the company of the other yogis. There are lots of types of yoga. I do Vinyasa Flow. If you can find the right class as to type and level, you will probably find that exercise is something you look forward to doing. I do five or six exercise class a week. In my opinion, exercise classes are a better option for women.

    1. Thank you for the great advice and thoughtful essay on the importance of exercise! I had already started to research Yoga for oldies (I would call it Yoldga) and will look into Silver Sneakers as well.