Sunday, July 29, 2018

Would You? Will I?

Saw this pix of Victoria Beckham in one of my guilty pleasures, Grazia magazine. Not sold in the US, I get my fix from a British friend on her semi-annual visits. She knows how much I love seeing her!

I adore clothes with a sense of humor, and this shirt gets the joke. Leave-'em-open-blowing-in-the-wind! What a great summertime solution for the I-will-not-go-sleeveless set (that's me). And they always make the sleeves too long...

Obviously this top has been constructed with a seam to leave unstitched, not easy to find. But will I take an old shirt and a scissors to get the same effect? Will you?


  1. i would not do that, imagine the pizza and the pesto and the spills those loose sleeves would pick up, not to mention being caught in the folding arm of the movie seat. not for me but fun to watch washing the car...hoho