Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Building Blocks

Block and white and color all over

Who knew getting dressed could be this much fun? Color blocking is my new favorite dressing game, and it's so easy even the color blind can do it. Suddenly all those rules about what color goes with what don't seem to apply. For me today that meant a navy silk kimono jacket, magenta knife-pleated skirt, chartreuse cami, and apricot leather belt.

Here are some tips for having your own block party:

> You can easily block all brights, all pastels or all neutrals. Mixing block families is trickier.

> Your goal is not to reinvent the rainbow— three blocks minimum but four should be enough.

> Black and white are not colors in this game. Black and white and a color is not color blocking.

> The most successful color blocking looks random and unexpected. Good old red, white and blue is not really "it".

> Shades of a color is not color blocking. You have to spin all over the color wheel.

> Adding a print adds about 40 years to this look. But stripes seem to work.

> You can tiptoe into color blocking by having an accessory (shoes, bag, belt, tights) in color.

> Keep jewelry to a minimum. You don't want to look too perfectly refined. Think tousled hair with an evening gown.

> As with everything fashion, wear it as if you own it.


  1. Michelle, are you reading the current Time magazine?
    So much to comment on...Perhaps you will do so? There is one really strange inclusion: Mary Kate and Ashley? Seriously?

    Twiggy used to be pasted all over my closet in the 60s and I saw her recently on QVC! She looks like somebody I could be friends with. A little chunky, sweet and very relaxed...She's making it happen still.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I will check out Time magazine. Agree about Twiggy. She's on my list to write about under "Women We Love". I just don't love the stuff she is selling.