Friday, April 13, 2012

What's Not to Like?

Why does this shirt tick me off?

Plenty as it turns out. We all have 'em— pet peeves in fashion that is. I'm not apologizing. In fact, it makes shopping that much easier as I zip through the racks easily eliminating items that contain mine.

A pet peeve is not the same as hesitating to try a new shape or a new color. I know shocking pink looks terrible on me, but I still like it. Not choosing it is not a pet peeve, it's a wise but sad realization that the color does nothing for me. Thus I have lots of shocking pink notebooks, throw pillows and always pick the raspberry jelly beans. But I digress. Pet peeves tend to stick around, and if you have some they've probably been with you a long time. Sometimes there is no reason for your dislike; you just do. Other times if you have learned by past experience that gathered backs on ballet slippers will irritate your feet, finding them on otherwise charming ballet slippers will break out the peeve.

For no other reason than this seems like a good time to catalog them, here are mine:

> One breast pocket on a any shirt. Really? A kleenex on ONE side? (see above)

> A designer logo on anything other than a lipstick. And that means any designer, even Chanel. (see above)

> Button-downs that don't really button all the way to the top. (see above)

> Buttons that don't really button anything. A "decorative button" is a contradiction in terms.

> V-neck t-shirts. Just not a fan.

> Belt loops sewn in such a way that they can't be easily unattached from the waistband.

> Elastic waistbands (unless 100% integral to the design). Enough said.

> Sleeves that have the option to roll up complete with strap and button. This is like wearing suspenders and a belt. I'll take my chances rolling my sleeves, thank you.

> Polyester that looks like silk and is priced like silk.

Feel free to tell us yours.


  1. expensive cashmere sweaters that PILL; expensive trousers with NO hem;low rise pants that show too much ( front and back) and tops that don't stay tucked in when they are supposed to ( like yoga or gardening).

  2. jarmilapolte@google.comApril 25, 2012 at 6:17 PM

    I don't like it when blacks don't match...although I realize that this is something well within my control. Ditto a silver zipper and gold jewelry and visa-versa.... again, I know that I can control it; it just peeves me (Michelle's word) when I see these crimes on others.