Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Rant Without Rhyme or Reason

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Do you ever go into a store hoping you won't find anything you like? You are there to survey the scene while consulting the mental checklist of holes in your wardrobe. You really do hope you don't find anything because your holes are mere cracks that will turn into chasms if you find something you love.

Today I fell in like with a pair of pants at Ann Taylor. It wasn't a "must have" relationship, but the colors were light and springy. I knew they would coordinate with about fifteen things I already owned. They were on sale for $59.99. That's not a bargain, but a sale is a sale.

The issue was fit. As I'm short the petite size would have been ideal, but a 6 petite (Exhibit A) was waaaaay smaller than a straight size 6 (Exhibit B). I couldn't even zip them. The 6 fit but would have necessitated a trip to the tailors or eternal cuffing. There was no 8 petite to (gulp) even try. What to do? I decided to purchase the 6 anyways.

When I took it to check-out, the clerk rang them up and announced "$75.58 please". Sales tax here is high, but $15??????

"How much were they?" I asked.
"Did you think they were something else?"
"Well, I think the tag said $59.99. If you don't mind I'll go check".

Yes, the 6 petite was marked $59.99 and the 6 was $69.99. That made no sense, and I told her so.
"That's the way it is", she said. "Sometimes petites are more expensive." That made even less sense.
"Well, I'm not going to pay $10 more for the same pants", I said.

Having made my little protest speech, she then said "Have a nice day".



  1. Ewww!! I would have been very upset.

  2. You need to send a copy of this post to Ann Taylor Headquarters. I find the poor clerks at the stores have no clue what goes on so it is a waste of my time to ever address an issue like that with them or even ask for a store manager. I always internalize it and tell myself they were not meant for me. And then I NEVER SHOP AT THAT STORE again. I think emailing your post to Ann Taylor would be worth it. It would be interesting to hear what their response would be.