Monday, April 1, 2013

Les Girls

Let's hear it for three lovely ladies: Happy Birthday Jane, Debbie and Ali! Born on April 1, these gals are no joke. Jane Powell is 85, Debbie Reynolds 81 and Ali McGraw (AWIF hall of famer) is 75.

Everyone's favorite girl-next-door
With fifth husband (since 1988) former child star Dickie Moore
Ageless, timeless and fun; like the dress too
Jane Powell may not be a fashion icon (that's not what she's about) but in any photos I see of her (most notably on the town in New York) she looks delightful and the most adorable now-85-year-old ever.

Everyone's favorite girl-next-door on the other side

With two little friends
A lot of stories to tell...
Debbie Reynolds was for a while this teenager's wanna-be (talk about impossibilities). She's not a fashion icon by a long shot. She seems to dress for the role she plays: Debbie Reynolds. That's fine; the role suits her.

I'll have what she's having...
Then there's Ali McGraw. Her innate good taste has served her well. She pulled off trends so well back in her salad days that they became Style. She's still got that today without even trying.

For all the flak it may take, April 1 is indeed a Very Good Day.


  1. Thank you for an update on the two movie stars I wanted to be and could not decide which one. I went to all of Janes movies and bought the album of movie songs and thought I sounded just like her. I tried to make a theatre in my basement with blankets for curtains that kept falling down and forced the neighbor kids to come see me promising them cookies and punch. Jane has retained her absolute beauty.

  2. What a great memory! I too tried to force the neighbor kids into all kinds of productions, lemonade stands, door-to-door businesses, etc. Wonder if that's why we are bloggers today...

  3. Ali has been a style icon for me since she began modelling. And the other 2 are just gorgeous. Thanks for bringing them back to my attention.