Friday, May 3, 2013

Still Jonesing for Jenna

Much has been written about Jenna Lyons, President of J. (stands for Jenna) Crew. The May issue of Harper's Bazaar has her speaking for herself, and here's what she says:

She loves the snooze button on her alarm but makes it up by 7:30 AM with half an hour to get dressed and get her son Beckett ready for school. She picks out his clothes. At six years old he has a fondness for cashmere. I'm thinking he probably doesn't know that cashmere is Super Deluxe. It just feels good, n'est pas? Beckett in turn picks out Jenna's shoes. Instead of breakfast she'll drink an iced coffee made up to replicate melted coffee ice cream, her favorite flavor (I'll second that). Jenna likes traveling light. She will carry a bag but prefers to use her coat pockets for wallet, glasses, keys, iPhone. She takes Beckett to school— in the car service. But hey, she can give him her full attention if she's not driving.

She's at work by 9:15 AM, checking the 200 emails and 100 texts she gets daily. Then there are the 10 to 18 meetings. Lunch is usually in a meeting, and it's something she's in like with at the time— a Cobb salad or tomato soup. She's home by 6 PM for dinner with Beckett, cooked by the babysitter (really? can't we call her the nanny?)

Work looks like fun...

She does go out on nights when Beckett is with his father (she's separated or divorced or something but didn't clarify). Her partner Courtney was only mentioned briefly, but honestly I don't care. The crux of Jenna Lyons is: How does she come up with the J. Crew look, handle all the attendant pressures and still come across like a real person? As in she says she was not genetically gifted with good skin and has about seven strands of hair.

We learn she's a late-night online shopper (check) and has a stash of ice cream in her freezer (check). Buy Jenna rose champagne (you can get me extra brut). She wants a dog but not the dog hair. She loves beautiful underwear but realizes most of it can't be worn under clothes. Jenna owns 300 pairs of shoes (I can't even imagine) and 800 J. Crew t-shirts to sleep in. Maybe she has a little more hair and a few less shirts, but I like the humor. She loves getting dressed, and the whole idea of wearing a uniform  is "like a slow and painful death".


Really good sheets changed her life. I think I know how she feels as being bumped to business class on one flight has ruined me forever. Really good sheets may be cheaper. She really, really loves her bed— a California king (remember Jenna is six feet tall).

Thank goodness Harper's Bazaar brought us back to reality (Jenna is not like you and I) by letting us know she has a gigantic sable bedspread ("the most decadent thing I own"). I'll say. Nevertheless, girlfriend, when can we have lunch?

J. Crew Spring 2013 for the uninitiated


  1. She is pretty fabulous - can I come to lunch too?!

  2. Nothing would make me happier! Why don't you have your people call my people to call her people?

  3. Goodness. That print mixing goddess, how fab. xo

  4. I'm tired just reading about her schedule! What a powerhouse she is.

  5. This was fun to read! Great blog as usual....
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