Monday, May 27, 2013

What Do You Wear When No One's There?

Would a uniform be a good idea?

Did your mother advise you to always wear nice underwear in case you were in an accident? Mine went further and abhorred safety pins for the same reason. But what do you wear around the house when you will neither have an accident or be seen by any other than your nearest and dearest?

I realized I have at least four categories of "second best": perfectly wearable but not my favorites (maybe from last year or before that), never liked 'em in the first place (the proverbial "bad buy"), funky and/or vintage stuff that I might wear "out" once or twice a year and the thoroughly pilled/stained/faded (for cleaning out the basement). So guess what I pick from when I'm around the house? Too bad we don't have a basement.

Why is it so hard to dress nicely for nothing? Is it because, once dressed, we have the urge to venture out? If we're "not dressed" we don't have to run errands or interact with other humans. Personally, I get a lot done between pajamas and real clothes and vice versa— like writing this blog.

"What a doll!"
(actually salesmen's samples of Princess Peggy house dresses)


  1. Interesting you should mention this. I just finished the switch from winter stuff to summer stuff, and created a separate category of items I have had for a while that just need to be worn. Usually these go to consignment or Goodwill. Since I wear lots of separates, in this category I put dated-looking but loved shirts, tops and tunics and once-good tees that are no longer *dressupable*. Also dated but good sandals and shoes.
    Because of some car shuffling that needed doing, I took my huz to work this last week. I snagged a combination of these older things, and because they looked pretty good, I added some hair and makeup.

    The huz paid me the great compliment of staring at me for a moment as we were headed out the door. "You goin' somewhere special after you drop me off? " He asked, looking a little suspicious.

    Made my day, I tell you.


  2. Nice story! You have defined another category of clothing, "needs to be worn", for those pieces that have lost the first bloom of love and/or suffered neglect because they're not the new puppy. Would that I had another closet for them alone!
    So did you rethink sending yours to Goodwill?

  3. Oh, yes. I've kept the things that were loved and but may look dated, and things that I held back for best-casual occasions. They've been demoted to every-day wear. But they get out more, I feel better dressed and we're all happy.
    The key is to keep just the things that I really want to wear more.
    The rest has gone to new homes, and new adventures.

    But, I confess, blogging day still finds me in leggings and big comfy shirts!

  4. I seem to spend a lot of time blogging in my dressing gown!

  5. "Dressing gown" sounds so much better than what we call it (bathrobe)!