Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Little Jacket

Once upon a time I was known for my skirts. That's when the proportion between waist and hips was still somewhere on the table of elements, when there were no muffin tops or saggy bottoms. Tights can skirt the legs issue, but tights in Houston in summer are so Grey Gardens. So I wear less skirts now.

Little jackets, however, are something else. And why?

1) A jacket keeps the eye up where it belongs. Hey! I'm talking to you. Look at me.

2) A jacket is the third piece that makes an outfit. And you don't have to try very hard with pieces one and two.

3) You need a jacket anyways (for the AC in summer and the drafts in winter).

4) You can dress up an outfit with a jacket (i.e. sequined jacket over jeans and t-shirt).

5) You can dress down an outfit (i.e. jean jacket over brocade pants and silk shirt).

6) You can express your personality with a jacket (i.e. Motorcycle Mama or Princess Plum Blossom).

7) A jacket, cut correctly, can hide a multitude of sins.

Now I am not a blazer kind of gal. Every time I slip on a blazer I feel like I'm in a uniform, I hate the idea of a uniform. So my jackets are more fanciful. Think Colette. I do in fact have a loungewear chiffon kimono jacket that she might have worn while hosting one of her soirees.
La Colette et la veste

Chanel of course is the Heroine of the Little Jacket. One could argue that a Chanel jacket is something of a uniform, but quelle difference!

Chanel started here...
...and ended here...
...and here


  1. I want to see a photo of your chiffon kimono jacket, please!

  2. Thank you for reading— next time I host a soiree I'll be sure to take one!

    1. I just found your blog from Bella's 40+ blog list and I'm happily impress with your fashion knowledge and your fun wit!
      I do like jackets and was able to wear lots of boleros and tight 90's power blazers but since middle age is here and my breast size is not the same, I have to be more careful on my jackets selections!
      Have a great week,

    2. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad I "struck a note" vis a vis the Little Jacket.

  3. totally agree !! a Little jacket makes an outift !
    greetings from vienna