Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Secret of Eternal Youth

Don't try this in Rome

Ponce de Leon had nothing on me. He may have been searching for the Fountain of Youth, but I have found the Secret to Being Forever Young, and it's a simple mathematical formula:

For however old you may be, add ten years. Everyone will think you look great for your age, and you will automatically feel younger.

You probably won't use this trick if you are under 40. And once you hit 90 it wouldn't seem nice to fib about your 100th birthday. I don't think the President or Willard Scott would like that.

Certainly I don't wish to stir up any bad jou-jou, and I do remember "It isn't nice to fool Mother Nature". But wouldn't it be nice to fool ourselves?

Happy Birthday to me, and don't I look fabulous for 81?


  1. I've done that a few times - people are always agog! It really works.

    Happy birthday, Michelle! I really enjoy your blog, and wish you a year of happiness.

    1. I've always said great minds think alike! Thanks for your birthday wishes and nice words.

  2. Well Happy birthday to you! And I wish you many, many more!

    1. Happy Birthday to you!
      You do look wonderful for 81!
      I think is funny how much emphasis people and the press put on women (especially on women) about aging. I mean the choice is to be dead, so I prefer to be alive and for now add ten more years to my age!