Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life of Pie

Life is just a bowl of cherries. What does that really mean? It sounds happy-go-lucky and carefree, but eating cherries can be dangerous. What about pits???? It was the pits... Were they the culprit? Easy as pie. C'mon, pie isn't easy... at least not until Pillsbury Refrigerated Piecrust.

Can you see where I'm going? Sometimes we have an excuse for everything— for not doing what we want to do (the consequences!!!) or what we should do (the effort!!!). All year long we battle with our inner selves— should we or shouldn't we? It's called over-thinking. It's called guilt. Failure is not an option, so we fail to move. Perfection is unattainable, but that seems the only goal.

I recently enjoyed a day in the country with a friend. We headed to a small (population 90) Texas town whose lone restaurant has a plus-sized reputation for serving the best pie around. While waiting for our table, we walked around the mini town square and came across a boutique called "It Fits". Someone surely chuckled when she thought of that one. I can barely think of a better name. From a peek inside there were relaxed clothes in happy colors and oodles of accessories.

Two women were lazily rocking on the front porch. "You need to eat some pie and come back", one woman called out.

So maybe 2014 should be about having cherries without pits in a nice slice of ready-made pie. Stylish pie too. That's a la mode, you know.

Happy New Year!

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