Saturday, December 28, 2013

O Pioneers!

Happy year end!
Looking back before looking forward—

I've come to the conclusion that I— and many of my contemporaries— are pioneers in the Art of Modern Aging. That's aging in the modern age in a modern way. We are the very first who "do not go gentle into that dark night" by disappearing into the wordwork. When else have there been so many women— maybe not all famous but certainly outspoken and well spoken— who say, "Hey, I want to look good for me and because it makes me feel good— about myself and my place in the world"?

We are more accepting at our age of everyone's individuality and imperfections. We are generous with our time and knowledge. We aren't selfish; we want to "pass it on". It would make me happy to save one younger woman from needlessly fretting about what she lacks. We are fully aware the road ends somewhere, and we can't know when. That won't stop us.

Look at the attention being paid to women OACA.* The Fabulous Fashionistas. The celebrity sites screaming "Can you believe she's a grandma?" Times have changed, y'all. Always hated the term Baby Boomers. But I like Forever Bloomers.

*Of a Certain Age


  1. Such a sweet post ... it brought me tears of recognition. I do love the term ...Forever Bloomers ... Kudos my dear!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words— and aren't you adorable? (I peeked at your blog). We have the same grey brocade and gold brocade pants from the lovely boutique where I work. I'm too short for the ball gown skirt however. Nice to meet you.