Monday, May 12, 2014

What Do You Wear When You Are Going Nowhere?

More time for painterly pursuits!

So I just retired. That's pretty funny as I am almost 72 and people think I retired when I left New York in 2003. I've worked since I was sixteen and won't deny that I always felt defined by my work, so retiring was not an easy decision. Let's just say it was a combination of the little voice in my head and a Chinese fortune cookie.

I admit to using my last job as an excuse to feed my fashion addiction. I've never had so many wonderful clothes in my life. My job at the Lovely Boutique offered insanely generous discounts that were the equivalent of letting a child loose in a candy store.

I now stand before closets bursting with clothes, but what do I wear now that there is no audience? Am I like the tree in the forest that falls without making a sound if no one hears it? I remember a (probably not true) story about the designer Pauline Trigere. She gardened in her cast-off evening wear so as not to waste a good gown. I also remember my grandmother Celia, who dressed to the nines for her daily trip to the market.

More time for housework?
More time for the gym?

What's in store for me, now that I'm not going to a store every day? Houston is fortunate to have a well-established branch of Dress for Success, the worldwide organization that provides a professional wardrobe to a woman in need entering the workforce. I'd like to volunteer. The very best part of my job has always been helping to outfit women without perfect bodies or unlimited checkbooks. It's never about the most expensive item; it's about the right one. And there is nothing more gratifying than seeing the confidence in a woman when she looks and feels good about herself. This is something we all know!

More time for picnics!

There are a million other things to do, of course— from the silly to the sublime. It may take some time to sort them out (the perfect mix of frivolous and serious being the goal). As for now, time is spelled "me" and "it". Sounds good.

More time for slumber parties!

Stop the presses! Retired has just become "retreaded". It's been decided I will still work at the Lovely Boutique two days a week. That still gifts me with time— and a reason to wear... there.


  1. Congratulations on retiring (or retreading!). Your blog is a delight to read -- so many ideas that are right on target. Enjoy your added freedom!

    1. Thank you for your kind words... and encouragement. We'll see how the world turns in another direction.

  2. Congrats! I felt so "at loose ends" when I retired. I, too, had worked since early teens, I agree with your decision to do 2 days a week but think of local groups. I joined a group who crochet items for local charity's, etc. I'm almost 71 and find life so much more FUN now than when I was in my so called "career". I'm sure with time, you too will find your "spot" !

    1. Thanks! While I'm still a little guilty, I'm also enjoying "getting away with something"— tee hee. Feeling more like a kid every day!