Friday, July 31, 2015

Judi Dench at the Beach?

Not Judi in New Jersey

Could it be? Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Judi Dench having dinner at a lovely farm-to-table restaurant in my favorite seaside city. Right and left brains collided simultaneously because— of course— Judi Dench would never be in Cape May, New Jersey (though I hear Tina Fey weekends there).

The "Judi Dench" I saw was the one in "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", after she started accessorizing with Indian jewelry and colorful scarves. It's the role I most imagine is the Judi Dench of real life, but I've no way of knowing for certain.

This lady— who was not Judi Dench— was a Woman of a Certain Age with a great deal of style. I loved her colorful, striped sweater, dangling jewelry and spikey cropped hair. She was engaged with her dinner companions, smiled often, listened well, drank wine and even ordered dessert.

She was directly in my line of vision. It was just the two of us, my husband and I, out for dinner. Love means not having to keep up a roaring conversation with your date of 48 years to have a good time.

Judi not in New Jersey


  1. I think that the Judi Dench 'of real life' does indeed dress in the same way as her character in 'Marigold'. A dress shop in the city of Bath carries an advert in it's window of dame Judi in their flowing Indian-style clothes.

  2. Thanks— nice to know she knew a good thing when she found it!

  3. I like the menu, too. I can't put in words how much I love Judi Dench. The humanity that drenches her work is awesome. I did see Meryl Streep on the piazza of the British Library in June at my son's art exhibition. Meryl can be good, but she is not as natural as Judi. With Meryl I always think I hear the machinery of her craft.

  4. You are right; Meryl Streep is a great actress, but Judi Dench seems like someone you would know— no matter the role. Congrats to your son, by the way!