Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Week of Living Dangerously

This past week I threw caution to the winds and went on vacation knowing what would happen. By day two it would be no hair, no makeup, no worries.

We spent a week at a favorite spot, "down the shore" on Cape May, New Jersey. Cape May is no hick Jersey beach town. It's long been on the National Register of Historic Places for its quaint Victorian architecture and can be seen as a mix of Martha's Vineyard, The Hamptons and Disneyworld Main Street USA.

I've always packed a number of outfits for a variety of activities, from bike riding to beaching to sightseeing, shopping and fine dining. I've always over-packed and ended up, for the most part, in my most comfortable easy-breezy duds (but we do like to dress for dinner).

This year I packed two evening outfits for a week's vacation and a mix/match of drawstring cotton pants, slouchy shorts, t-shirts and a worn-in (though newly purchased) safari shirt. My favorite outfit (see above) was said shirt, camo shorts, canvas slip ons, baseball cap and— wait for it— a fanny pack. I will not apologize for that fanny pack as it was the most wonderful feeling to have keys, money and cell phone literally strapped to my body. I only regret its being black and boring. Next purchase: a fanny pack with style.

The dangerous part is I was so relaxed, unfazed with going barefaced and happy being fashion-free that I feared I might never recover.

I needn't have worried. I'm afraid it would take more than a week.

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