Thursday, September 3, 2015

Call Me Crazy

This is what I do before a trip: I doodle my wardrobe on a sheet of dummy forms (that look amazingly like me).

I've been doing this for ages, finalizing the figures onto a template about 20 years ago, thanks to the Photoshop talents of a willing friend (WW you know who you are).

I refer to the pictogram during the trip as well. So often living out of a suitcase makes it hard to see what you've brought along.

All this "stuff" for a ten-day trip (wearing the bulkiest on the plane) easily fits into a regulation carry on suitcase, along with the prerequisite lotions, potions, pjs and underwear.

Since you're allowed to board with two items, I tuck my cross-body bag into a tote that fits under the seat and set my wheelie on course. Volia! Paris here we come!

PS  Since I will be traveling to cities where a Zara and/or an H&M may stand on every corner, I promise not to step inside. I can do that here at home. Unless, of course, the exchange on the Euro is really really really good.


  1. This is such a great way to pack! I'm getting ready for a trip to Spain & Italy in October...I want to try this!

  2. Cute drawings :)
    Maria V.