Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Style from "The Street"

You would think the Wall Street Journal would not be your first choice to get some choice tips on fall style, but you would be wrong. The Journal (as it's usually called) publishes a monthly magazine called WSJ. September's issue is all about women's style. I've not seen this on newsstands. It may be delivered with your subscription to the Wall Street Journal newspaper. Someone at the gym has one and left behind his or her copy for me to enjoy. I don't want to say it's my new favorite magazine, but it's up there. I love each and every trend in the section "Market Report".

1) Wide-legged pants
WSJ means wide. Waist at the waist. Pleats. Mannish tailoring. Necessary to have: small waist.

2) Pirate shirt
Jerry Seinfeld may not have wanted to be a pirate, but I do. Note the tough jeans.

3) Cropped pants
Not so new, maybe, but I'm happy to keep the love going. This look was not as scary to pull off as I

4) Car-wash skirt
Haven't seen this for a while, have we? Now it's called a "deconstructed skirt" and comes in more ways than black.

5) Cable knits
I'm glad this one's back because I can just pull out my gen-you-wine Aran Islands pullover. Hopefully the moths didn't get it first.

6) Big red coat
If you get cold as I do, looking at this makes you feel warmer. I'm of the school that believes in a fun coat. It's what most of the world will see you in from October to April. And don't think I didn't notice the "two-headed coat" in the picture above. Nice to know Fashion still has a sense of humor.
Like a science project that sparks but may then fizzle, trends do not always stay trending. As always, pick the ones you love; forget the rest.


  1. Michelle, I just re-read your post over at AmericanAgeFashion and remembered how wonderful it was. I will mourn my mother at TJ Maxx. She has worked there for 30 years and one of my favorite things to do is visit her while she is working in the jewelry department and she tells me where to find all the good stuff. I love your "portrait" of your mother...God bless her and her stylish ways....

  2. I like your view about trends that it doesn't always stay trending. Nevertheless, as long as it trends, let's feel it.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Trends can be tricky as it's easy to get sucked into wearing something unflattering because it's trendy. That's where restraint becomes fashionable!