Sunday, April 24, 2016

Multitudes of Millies

I got to thinking about all the Millies I've known. None was a friend or relative, but I loved each one.

The first (and most fashionable) was Millie the Model, on the Marvel Comics team from 1945-1973, making her their longest running humor character. She was a New York model with a photographer boyfriend. The humor was broad (pun intended) and went completely over my nine-year-old's head. What I love-love-loved was Millie's appearances in the Sunday comics. "Millie's Fashion Pin Up" asked readers to submit their fashion ideas for Millie to wear. I never did because I was sure my designs wouldn't be good enough, and honorable mention would never do.

Millie on Sundays

Then there was "Meet Millie", the sit-com that ran from 1951 to 1954. It began on radio, starring the sultry Audrey Totter. Tv's Millie was the more wholesome Elena Verdugo. Millie was a secretary (what else?) in New York City (where else?) and lived in Brooklyn (of course). Her adventures were often around the kitchen table in the apartment she shared with her loveable-but-meddling mother (surprised?). Alfred Prinzmetal was the platonic friend who dropped in. Of course Millie had a very cute boyfriend (the boss's son) (natch). It all seemed original at the time...

Millie (right) on tv

Who could forget Laura Petrie's best friend and neighbor, Millie Helper on the "Dick Van Dyke Show"? Millie was played by the now 87-year-old Ann Morgan Guilbert. Laura was too perfect. I could identify with Millie.

Millie and perfection

First Dog Millie was a mother, a published author and a boon companion.

Millie with her posse

Designer Michelle Smith's ultra feminine clothing line, Milly is an honorary Millie— fun and pretty, just like all the Millies I've loved.

Michelle Smith of Milly
Milly by Michelle


  1. Oh my goodness, I had forgotten about reading the Millie comic books! That was one of my favorites. I'm with you...loved Millie on the DVD show.

  2. Kudos to you for your good taste in juvenile literature and for remembering Millie the tv show! I'm afraid I later had a few beaus who reminded me of Alfred Prinzmetal...
    Do you also remember Katy Keene? But Millie was my gal.