Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sleuthing for Style

Nancy Drew changed with the times
It never ends, this hunt for dressing as the "real you". I so admire those who know their style. The best I can say when asked about mine is "eclectic".

I always purchase something that is "my style" when I buy it. In the past that style could change from week to week, even day-to-day.  Putting out what-to-wear the night before could be an exercise in futility.

I used to buy what I thought I should, what was in fashion, irregardless of body type or lifestyle. I was that person always hoping to be "in style". Why else read all those fashion magazines? At first I tried dressing like girl crushes (Audrey, Grace, Diana). That ended when I realized the expensive Lady Diana Tea Party Dress was languishing in the closet, unworn and definitely unloved.

Not invited to her party

Over time I discovered bargain hunting, discount shopping, thrift shops and waiting for good sales. This gave me more more more with less self-control and less guilt. It didn't always make me better dressed. 

Minimalist Lyn Slater, the "Accidental Icon"

There was a certain woman that I didn't think I could ever be: the minimalist. Beautiful fabrics, simple cuts, understated accessories. Misappropriating Chanel, I felt the need to add one thing more before leaving the house.

"But can I stand up?"

Now that I know I'm too old for some things, I also know I'm finally old enough to pull off simple and sophisticated. I will always add enough "me" to personalize it— interesting shoes, unusual jewelry, oddball color combos. I like feeling fashionable (and really really like being the first to try a trend).

I'll probably always be sleuthing for style, but I'm getting better at deciphering clues and coming to conclusions: Less is more, more or less.


  1. Another wonderful post! Great illustrations. I'm slowly realizing that I've usually tried to be just aware enough of fashion to dress in a way that won't be noticed. When I was young, and trying to find the outfit I wanted to be wearing when I met "Mr. Right," shopping was exciting. Now, I don't expect clothing to transform my life. But shopping is a lot faster, since I now know pretty well what styles, fabrics, and colors won't work for me. At least I'm trying new colors now that my hair is white!

    1. Thanks for your comment. So what was the outfit you were wearing when you met Mr. Right???

  2. I love this attitude! I still continuously experiment, and it doesn't hurt the pocketbook because I mostly thrift it all.

  3. Ah., Michelle, I get what you are saying. I too want to be a minimalist....until I see the next shiny object. Some days I take my blog photos and then go back to my closet and redo my outfit. Never satisfied, never truly confident. Jeanne

    1. It's hard for me to wear an outfit the same way twice, though when I'm forced too (limited wardrobe on vacation), it feels oddly serene. I guess we both have lots of Ideas...