Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Madame Predicts the Summer Trends

This is what I see coming down the pike
on May 4th:

> Lace-up shoes
(ghillies, sandals, gladiators)

> Laces in general
(As in nautical not lacy) 

> Off-the-shoulder necklines
(a true vintage revival)

> Kimono jackets
(and dusters)

Kimono and fringe...

> Fringe
(on bags and hems and trims)

> Wide leg crops
(long enough and wide enough is key)

> Flowered dresses
(crisp or soft)

> Jumpsuits 
(or rompers if age appropriate)

* * *

In the Summer Hall of Fame:

> Chambray shirts
(wear with everything)

Chambray and laces

> Striped Sailor T
(heavily influenced by the Breton)

> Denim
(And more denim)

May the fashion forth be with you!


  1. Love the old Bazaar cover image. Boatneck with extended shoulder -- yes!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, that Bazaar look is timeless, and not in a vintage way.

  2. I was in a mid-sized city last weekend and could not help but notice the fringe trend. It was everywhere!

  3. love that blue dress with laces (on the Jackie O model), then i remembered the original: that awesome YSL safari collection. a 20th century classic for sure!