Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The 73-Year-Old Romper

As I never ruled it out, I won't apologize for buying a romper. I knew (hoped) that one would appear not too bare, short, frilly or young for this 73-year-old.

Sure enough I found it in the most unlikely of places when really wasn't looking. Sort of like meeting the man I fell in love with and married.

It was in Banana Republic while on a trip and avoiding a downpour (finding romper not husband). Okay so I will shop rain or shine, but I really was avoiding leaving the mall on account of the rain. Banana Republic isn't a place I would normally investigate on vacation as there are two in spitting distance of each other back home. 

Seek and ye may find...

As is sometimes the case, this Banana had different offerings. The romper, on the clearance rack for $29.99, was one. 

I'll try on almost anything for $29.99 and even convince myself I have to have it, but this was the real deal. I liked it on its own merits and would indeed pay twice as much (the classic test).

While researching for this blog I see that the very same romper is listed on the Banana Republic website for $119.99, reduced from $138. Depending what day of the week and what special offers are afoot, you could pay 20% or 30% less, but nothing like $29.99. 

This is true for a few other items I saw: The Mixed Stripe Boatneck for $29.99 (was $55), in store for $8.99; the Geo Lace Midi Skirt for $129.99 (was $138), in store for $84.99; the Geo Lace Strappy Dress for $149.99 (was $178), in store for $39.99.

$29.99 or $8.99?
$129.99 or $84.99?
$149.99 or $39.99?
Why the discrepancies between what you see online and in store? Banana Republic is not the only one. It happens at the Gap and J Crew but not at Anthropologie and Zara. 

Does this mean you will be rewarded for shopping at a bricks-and-mortar but punished for shopping online? Sure, stores want to get rid of "online only" returns that may be clogging up the real estate, but is this not a little unfair?

The same can be said for shipping fees that are waived if you order above a certain amount or are in-store or call the store, restocking fees that turn free returns into not-so-free returns and price differences such as just mentioned.

Not long ago I read an article explaining why prices at retail keep going up. The reasons are almost all to cover costs associated with so much returning, shipping and restocking.

I'm happy to take my $29.99 romper out of the system to cut back expenses, even if I just wear it around the house!

$119 or $29.99?


  1. Looks like a great summer outfit -- what kind of fabric is it?

    1. It's 100% polyester. Probably not the coolest fabric to romp around in.

  2. I suppose items are a knock down price in store because it's cheaper to sell them at a 'giveaway' price than send them back to a depot. You made me laugh when I read that you would 'try on almost anything' if the price were right! I love a bargain also and hurrah for us seventy year olds for wearing rompers or whatever the heck we want - get out there and strut your stuff, gal!

    1. An outspoken former mayor of New York City once described himself as a "liberal with sanity". I'm kind of that way about fashion— willing to try new things but hopefully able to see if it doesn't work. So the romper falls in the "never say never" category. Thanks for reading (and encouraging)!