Tuesday, January 17, 2017

At a Store (Probably) Not Near You

From the Spring 2017 Lefties lookbook
Along with the news that Zara has outlet stores along with a lower-priced line (think Old Navy to the Gap)* is the fact that they are not anywhere remotely near me. That is, they are remote.  Currently all of them, called Lefties (as in "leftovers" natch), are located in Spain (aka Zara Central), Mexico, Portugal, Russia and Qatar. There is even a website. No mail order but pick up available at the brick-and-mortars.

A Lefties' interior

A look at the Lefties site (men, women, kids) shows possible former Zara items and a lot of althleisure. My guess is it's very much an Old Navy-type concept— many basics and some fun pieces in the style of the parent. I can't imagine there would be much actual outlet merchandise. My local Zara has Sale up for weeks and weeks. Surely it's all gone eventually!

The big tease...

Still, nice to know (and hope and dream). Whether I would be much of a customer, who's to say? But I just hate to be tortured with so-near-yet-so-far.

* Thanks to website http://www.whowhatwear.com/zara-outlet-store-lefties?utm_source=facebook-owned&utm_medium=social&ref=fb


  1. At the risk of gushing I have to say how much I look forward to your posts: Good writing and I always learn something new and unexpected.