Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tiny Creatures

And in January we find the creatures have been working overtime... The web page Grammarly hosted this image, passed onto Facebook by a friend.

I used to think that mid-winter pudge happened because I was trapped into inactivity by the northeast winter. We now live in Texas, where winters are actually more conducive to being outside and active.

So is it really the egg nog/fruitcake/champagne/chocolate truffles/mincemeat pie of the last two months?

Well, I like the idea of little creatures in my closet. I imagine they all look like Rumplestiltskin, the nastiest of fairy tale villains. And I thought the cats were only stationed by the door on account of mice...

It's inevitable to hate ourselves when this happens— though my only New Year's resolution this year is not to be so hard on myself.

But really, I must get them out of the closet! 

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