Thursday, February 16, 2017

Calling Dr. Frankenstein


This is what you call a mash-up. My first thought was, "Wow! I like that!" My second: "Why didn't I think of it first?"

I have a camo jacket and a multi-hued (rabbit) fur scarf. Why didn't I put them together? They really don't "go", but together they could go a lot of places. At $1295, as priced by Harvey Faircloth for this, one a lot of your money would go too.

I like to have fun with fashion. I'll sometimes be asked where I get my ideas. Most of the time I'm able to say I just make them up. I may have been influenced by something but never outright copy.  There are women you might think I mimic. Iris Apfel is one. We both have short hair, are petite and like big necklaces (though she has a few more years and necklaces). I'm not unhappy if you think that, but it's just a happy coincidence. Wish Iris and I had met when I lived in New York.

Mr. Faircloth has some other neat ideas for your surplus workwear and spare fur:

Got any?

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