Thursday, February 9, 2017

Madame Predicts the New Spring Trends

It's that time again. From my perch on high I spy the new Spring (make that Summer also) trends. I have no credentials to predict them other than many years of espionage and a few hints in the marketplace and fashion press.

In a mountain greenery...

I've yet to see much evidence of Pantone's prediction for Color of the Year, "Greenery". That was called "apple green" back in the day. We'll see; it's a hard color to wear.

There are a few other safe bets for trends, though. That means they've been bubbling through high fashion or street style long enough for mass market retailers to get a hold of them.


Last year's off-the-shoulder has evolved to just


If not exactly vertical, at least these STRIPES are not horizontal.

Deconstructed shirts

Take a classic SHIRT, tear it all apart and start again. Expect this trend to be greatly modified from the runway above.

Sleeve detail

So what if you don't like to go sleeveless? There are so many SLEEVE DETAILS, including the gathers and ruching seen above. Besides, it's air conditioned everywhere.


OVERSIZED and boxy... we'll see how this one flies.

The Grand Slam of trends

There will be RUFFLES and CHECKS and MENSWEAR.


What would Spring/Summer be without FLORALS? 

Trends don't mean you must ditch your present wardrobe, which I assume you have worked long and hard culling to your particular needs. Maybe this is still a work in progress. Trends are for you who like a dash of newness— a bit of hot sauce, a touch of umami— or whatever is newest to perk up your style.

A gal can dream...

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