Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where Fashion Has Flown the Coop

No, I didn't see this at the airport during my recent vacay. I've long railed against the dumbing down of— not just fashion— but good taste while traveling. From jeans and sweatpants we have now digressed to Ready for Spin Class. Yoga wear— and not pristine high-end Yoga wear either— is literally taking off. And don't get me started on flip flops as foot gear. I've never seen so many sloppy looking women of all ages in one place. Have we completely given up? Is air travel so miserable that we must express our displeasure by wearing the worst our wardrobes have to offer?

Yoga class will be held at Gate C26

This is a mystery, part of my quest to uncover where women wear all those clothes they are always shopping for. Personally, whenever I spend a lot of money on something, I like to look nice doing it— a nice restaurant or a Broadway show. That airline ticket cost plenty. It's the least I can do.

Looking better than average
On the other hand, what's to be done about the men??? Unless they are going to a business meeting and are forced to look respectable, men are ridding themselves of real clothes faster than women. They are not donning workout gear so much as throwing on a t-shirt and shorts. I'm going to say it right here, with my husband sitting in the next room: no man over 50 should wear shorts to travel on a plane. The old school end of the spectrum tuck in the t-shirt, wear a nice dress belt and add socks to whatever is on their feet. It's a skewed sense of decorum that some woman should have stopped from going out the front door. Perhaps it's not fair to pick on these guys as I bet they think this looks okay.

What's to be said for other men, especially those who know they will be noticed and possibly recorded for posterity? Channing Tatum, I'm talking to you.

Channing not charming



  1. I am going to be flying in September, and I am already planning a very classy (yet comfy!) outfit for the plane and airports. I hate how boring and uninspired most people's clothing is these days.

    1. Good for you, Sheila. I truly will take boring and uninspired over what I witnessed in 4 airports last week.

  2. Thoughtful interesting post; I live in a major much touristed metro area and spend so much time on subway elevators behind people in shorts like those illustrated at the top of the post. Its really quite clinical, and not anyone's best side. Having said that, I also fly a lot and have spent several nights this year sleeping on the floor in an airport while waiting for a replacement flight. Its hard to motivate to dress nicely when anticipating that kind of experience.


    1. Oh dear... I feel your pain. Flying for us is still a treat leading to a vacation. The last time we had to wait for a flight the airplane put us up in a nice hotel for the night. But that was 25 years ago!