Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Best 50 Cents You Will Ever Spend

I just bought 130 black velvet hangers, and I'm as happy as a kid in a candy store. That may have cost $65 but for 50 cents, each item in my closet is perched securely and looking gorgeous in its uniformity. The velvet hanger phenomenon isn't new, but prices have come down to the drugstore level.

While the velvet hanger does indeed create a bit more space than its replacement, the clunky plastic hanger, its real conribution is that nothing slides or falls off, even the sheerest or slipperiest of fabrics. I use the crossbar at the bottom for pants, t-shirts or sweaters (all of which I hang).

Wire hangers have long been banished from the closet. Next to go were those plastic tube hangers that looked so inviting but were like hanging clothes on a greased pig, until they broke, which was soon. I did invest heavily in the clear plastic hangers you usually see in retail stores, but like a lot of things as time goes on, I was ready to trade up.

The velvet hangers have made me think twice about what is actually in my closet. If it's not worth 50 cents, out it goes!


  1. Hangers, not hangars; the latter is for airplanes. That needing to be edited, I am laughing all the time; brilliant insights. Do keep writing because this is definitely a book in the works. Is that what you intended when you began?

  2. You know, I wondered about that but thought it was a gray area (meaning is it grey or gray). Everyone can use a good editor, so thank you. That being said, wouldn't it be great to have a closet as big as an airplane hangar??? Thanks for reading.

  3. I bought 50 velvet hangers in green today. I will be getting another 75 or so on my next day off. They are a fantastic solution for my very compact Boston closet!

  4. Green hangers are the perfect color for you! I couldn't decide between Life Savers or Licorice.