Saturday, October 15, 2011

Possession Obsession

Every once in a while I will develop an obsession for something that must spring from my subconscious. There was no way I could have decided I needed a pair of gold jeans (other than if it's shiny and gold I love it). Of course need isn't the right word— try "want".

Sometimes I think I do it just to challenge myself. I haven't seen gold jeans on anyone here in Houston. I certainly haven't seen them in the stores. And the magazine advertisement from Joe Fresh will do me no good as there is only one store in America, and it's 1600 miles away. I don't even wear jeans that much myself. So where will I find them?

Thanks to ebay and some good timing I found a pair listed as NWT (New With Tags in ebay lingo) in size 6 petite for $19.99 plus shipping. The gold is a little burnished with black in a snakeskin kind of way. I plan to wear them with black ankle booties and a black turtleneck. I also have a short black leather swing jacket, very lightweight and a little shiny. Oh yes, and a great black and gold envelope clutch (that I found at Office Max) (I think it's a presentation folder).

So for $27 they are on their way from somewhere. Hope springs eternal that they will fit and look fabulous, because they are not returnable. Careful shopper that I am, why am I so willing to shell out $27 on what might be a very disappointing reality? Well, shopping hope springs eternal. My heart will indeed skip a beat when I find that package waiting at my door. I will open it carefully; I will try it on gingerly, breathe in just in case I was a little optimistic on the size, peer with one eye and...

Stay tuned.

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  1. and this is why you're my style icon!! i could never pull off gold jeans! i know what you mean though, once you get something in your mind you just have to find it. j.crew had a gold sequin mesh skirt last holiday season, and i still want it very badly. can't find it anywhere! i hope your gold jeans fit you! :)