Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Divine Ms. Diane

Diane, are you available for lunch?

How could I forget to include Diane Von Furstenburg in the list of Ladies We Love? What a personality powerhouse and fashion heroine! I guess it would be enough for her to have invented that iconic wrap dress back in the '70s (which unfortunately never flattered me), but she is still creating, inspiring, mentoring and happily living her own very glamorous life.

Diane has a great back story, which involves becoming a princess by marrying lesser royalty (Prince Egon Von Furstenburg of Germany). She jet-setted her way around the '60s as half of a Beautiful Couple and then— The Dress. That dress begot her design business which has morphed over time to include fragrance and home product as well as fashion. She and her current husband, Barry Diller, are involved with a lengthy list of charities. Since 2009 Diane has also been president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, promoting American design and mentoring new talent. At age 65 she is still her best model and spokesperson.

I have a gauge that decides how I feel about a celebrity. My favorites are someone with whom I would like to spend an afternoon lunching, shopping and generally shooting the breeze. Over the years that has included Bette Midler and  (yes) Roseanne Barr. Martha Stewart, for example, would be too daunting a prospect. I just know Diane von Furstenburg  and I would be great friends.
That dress— 2009 version
Barry and Diane— Beautiful Couple part 2

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