Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From the mouth of a babe...

Renee and her oldest babe, Zavier

I'm beginning to realize I know some very fashion-wise women. Years of experience has nothing to do with it.

Renee Lara is way too young to have become so smart. She must have been born that way. Renee is a fashion stylist in Portland. We were co-workers briefly at the lovely boutique where I work. She has a busybusybusy life and a beautiful young family but knows how important it is not to forget about oneself.

Here are some wise words from a lovely woman:

Ever notice after waiting in line at your local coffee shop, the lady or man in front of you is buzzing with nerves of excitement to get that drink in their hand and start their day? It's like magic! They are validated, assured, that whatever they have facing them that day... they can handle it with ease/confidence.

As a fashion stylist... I look at making decisions with my wardrobe in the same light. When we are constantly juggling life, kids, getting to work on time... why not take an extra moment to reboot/recharge with how we dress?

So here's my tip for you ladies, heading into the New Year...
When you are about to rush out the door tomorrow morning to work... or busting out to the grocery store with two exuberant kids, take a minute to add on. Yes... ADD!

Remember that cocktail ring you only bring out on date nite? Ummmm... it's gorgeous... wear it Tuesday to work.

How about that lush red polish you have under your sink? Whip it on those nails like lightning. Who cares how perfect the strokes are?

Who says you can't wear Chanel to the market? I did... today. Sprayed on a spritz of Her Best before going to my two-year-old's gym class.

Do you own an incredible top you just love and cherish in your closet, yet never wear? Too special to touch? Girl, throw it on under your jean jacket and rock it!

My point... take a minute for you. You deserve it. And believe me... your day will thank you for it.

Renee, please forgive me for calling you a babe. I mean that in the best red-nail-polish sort of way!

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