Sunday, January 1, 2012


So be it! Would that I could snap my fingers and all my resolves would be solved. I don't think there's anything wrong with the practice of New Year's resolutions. Occasional introspection is always a good thing, and the occasion of a New Year calls for a combination of resolve and solutions.

At this stage I don't need a list to remind myself of foibles that need fixing, and I won't treat the blog as a confessional in matters other than those of Fashion. In the spirit of the season, then, here are


1) Purge my closet of those items that stare at me with reproach as if to say, "Why haven't you worn me for six months?"

2) Purge the items that have been sitting in under-bed storage to make room for those newly purged from the closet.

3) Get rid of comfortable shoes that are worn beyond repair.

4) Ditto uncomfortable shoes that were never worn. Needless to say I have enough to shod a small third world country.

5) Wear the Good Stuff. Yes that blouse cost more than I should have paid, but I'm not taking it back, am I? So wear it already.

6) Try on the combination that works so well in my head before I have three minutes to leave the house.

7) Better yet pull it all together the night before.

8) End the nerve-wracking practice of packing at the last minute. How many times do I have to end up without key accessories at my destination?

9) Give more compliments. I know how nice it is to get them.

10) Stop looking for the perfect black handbag. I found it four months ago!

11) Stop buying clothes for occasions that are not in my game plan or social strata. I still have not worn that sparkly leopard evening coat (though we are still going to Miami this year).

12) Dress my age. That is, don't dress "old" but picture that outfit on my real self not the Satchel Paige age I've decided I am.

And the unspoken resolution? Don't be too hard on myself if this resolve... dissolves.

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